Autopay Deactivated and New Management

Hello Brookwillow Owners.

Beginning Monday July 17th, Red Leaf HOA will be the new management company for your HOA.   In the meantime, please continue to send your assessments to PO Box 3984, Grand Junction CO 81502.  If you had autopay set up, it was deactivated on July 12th in order to start the process of the transfer to the new management company.  Starting Monday July 17th Scott from Red Leaf can be contacted at or at 970-713-0340 for any questions or concerns you may have.

I want to thank every owner for the opportunity in managing your wonderful community.

Dan Trusty
Grand Mesa Management

Irrigation Update

The pond clean out project is taking longer than expected due to the increased silt that was in the pond from this year’s run off.  The water will be turned back on this Saturday, June 17th.  Refer to the previous email.

Brookwillow Village Irrigation off  Beginning Saturday Evening
The irrigation will be off beginning Saturday Evening June 10th and will be off till Wednesday June 14th or Thursday June 15th depending on the time it takes to complete the project.   The pond needs to be cleaned out to remove all the silt that has built up from the beginning of the season and last year.  It is not known exactly how long it will take until the pond is drained and the project begins Monday.  We are hoping on the water being turned on sooner than the dates mentioned.   I would water your plants or grass before the water is not available this Saturday.

Irrigation Off

The pump will be off till tomorrow evening 5-18-23. There will be no irrigation water till then.  A few repairs were needed   to the main line and the pump needed to be shut off.

Thank you.
Brookwillow Village

2023 Irrigation Season

Irrigation Water – General Overview & Service Protocol

The HOA is partnering with Bryce again with their irrigation-related services for the 2023 season. The system start-up has been scheduled to begin on Monday, April 17th, 2023, conditions permitting.

  • Spring start-up:   Monday, April 17, 2023 – Homeowners may start their systems on or after April 19th (see What to Expect).
  • Winterization:     October 2023 (TBD)


Important: Please inspect your valve to ensure it is in good condition and put it in the closed position prior to the above date. Homeowner system valves should remain closed while the HOA completes the spring start-up. Leaving your valve open during start-up can result in flooding, left open during winterization can impact clearing all water from the lines, increasing potential for system failure due to freezing. You may leave your valve partially open during the winter months with a friendly reminder to close your valves before water is turned on in April.

Townhome Owners: If you have irrigation lines in your back patio area that are connected to the HOA system, please contact Grand Mesa Management.


The initial flow of water in the spring often uncovers maintenance issues, including main line breaks, homeowner line breaks and shut-off valve malfunction. As irrigation line and system issues are reported, some repairs may delay availability and/or result in intermittent service as water is turned off at the main HOA valve. Please check for updates throughout the start-up period.

If the system is shut down for a homeowner repair, a “thank you” in advance for completing with expediency to ensure irrigation water is restored to the community as quickly as is possible.


Should you require irrigation water to be turned off for a repair, or to report an urgent water-related issue (such as a sprinkler stuck on and/or flooding), please refer to the following protocol:

  1. Call Bryce at (970) 840-8354 (urgent irrigation issues only). Please note this number is not a cell phone number and does not accept text messages. Additionally, while email is ideal for documentation purposes, when an irrigation emergency arises, please call Bryce.
  • If the water-related issue is not urgent, please contact Grand Mesa Management.
  • Upon discharge of water from the lines, the HOA or homeowner shall proceed with necessary repair, with resolution as quickly as possible. Upon completion of repair, please contact Grand Mesa Management with update confirming water can be turned back on.
  • Homeowners are urged to prioritize any irrigation repair that results in community water being turned off. If repair is anticipated to exceed beyond same day, please communicate anticipated delay details and estimated completion time/date.

It will always be our goal to minimize disruption to community irrigation water. Seasonal start-up can bring multiple outages, resulting in insufficient water to keep your landscape healthy. If you utilize HOA irrigation water for your lawn, you are encouraged to keep a garden hose and sprinkler on stand-by as community issues are resolved. We understand the frustration the water outages cause homeowners and commit to timely communication and facilitation of repairs.

Please note irrigation updates will be provided by posting on the website,, and via email. If we do not have your email info, and you wish to receive updates, please provide your address.

Grand Mesa Management|  (970) 216-2930 |

Keep our Neighborhood Safe

Hello Brookwillow Community. With a recent crime in the area, we want to make sure everyone is safe. Please email me with any crime issues in the area so I can be aware of what is happening in the neighborhood. and help get the word put when necessary.

When it comes to the safety of your family and your neighborhood, a combined team effort with your community is the best way to go. Working with your neighbors, you can help prevent crime and create a safer community. Experts are sharing their top neighborhood safety tips to help you learn how to improve your neighborhood security.

#1. Get to Know Your Neighbors
The first thing you can do to improve your neighborhood safety is to simply get to know your immediate neighbors. Make sure to share contact information and perhaps give a spare key to a trusted neighbor.

Knowing your neighbors and their routines can be beneficial to helping you all watch out for each other. For example, if you know approximately when your neighbors go to work and come home, what friends or family are often around, you can better assist with identifying any suspicious activity around their home (and yours).

Merely being aware of who is in your neighborhood goes a long way to helping keep everyone safe. If something is out of the ordinary, you can contact each other. Meeting and sharing information with your neighbors is one of the most effective neighborhood security tips.

#2. Let Your Neighbors Know When You Go Out of Town
Your home is more vulnerable when you aren’t there, so if you’re heading out of town, let your neighbors know. Not only can they keep an eye on your home, but they can help prevent a break-in by keeping up appearances such as collecting the mail.

#3. Form or Join the Neighborhood Watch
A great way to know what’s going on in your community is to join the local neighborhood watch group. If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, perhaps you can organize one. Leverage social media and create a local community group everyone can access and share updates. Whether you choose Facebook or join Nextdoor, a digital group helps everyone stay informed and connected. To learn more on how to prevent crime in your neighborhood by setting up a neighborhood watch group visit the National Neighborhood Watch organization.

#4. Install a Visible Home Security System
Burglars are less likely to break into homes with visible security systems. Protect your home and encourage neighbors to do the same by installing a DIY home security system. If your security system includes motion-activity lighting or an alarm it can further help deter intruders.

#5. Maintain Appearances
Overgrown yards provide hiding spaces for burglars and create the appearance that no one is around which can make your home an easy target. Maintain your yard and encourage neighbors to do the same to show potential criminals that people are active in the community and reduce hiding spots.

#6. Teach Your Children Safety Tips
Keeping your home and neighborhood secure is one thing, but you can also take a few steps to keep you and your neighbor’s kids safe. If you’re new to the neighborhood, walk around with your kids to help them to be familiar with the area. You can also set boundaries for where they can go giving them some freedom to explore within reason.

#7. Spend Time Outside in Your Neighborhood
If a lot of people are outside the neighborhood is likely to be less inviting to burglars as there are more people to see them, especially as most burglaries occur during the day. Spending time outside is also a great way to get to know your neighbors (back to tip #1). Working in the yard, walking your dogs, organizing walks, or the kids playing outside can help everyone get to know each other, show potential burglars the community is active, and keep an eye out collectively for suspicious activity.

#8. Close Your Blinds at Night
At night with the lights on and blinds open can make your home a fishbowl for someone to peer into. If you leave your blinds open potential burglars can easily ‘case’ your home and get an understanding of your habits. A good neighborhood safety tip everyone can practice is to close all blinds and windows at night.

Improving your neighborhood security doesn’t require significant time investments. Working together as a team can create a safe, secure and wonderful place to live.

Parking Reminder

A.            Due to limited parking spaces, Brookwillow Village HOA strongly encourages homeowners and/or tenants to limit the number of vehicles to a maximum of three (3) per household.

B.            Residents are strongly encouraged to utilize their garage and driveway parking spaces before parking in the street or overflow parking lots.

C.            The following are not allowed to be parked or stored within the community, except for temporary expedient for loading, delivery or emergency:

all types of trailers, recreational vehicles, trucks larger than¾ ton, boats.

D.            Parking is unauthorized in the following locations:

in a driveway that belongs to another homeowner, in front of or within five (5) feet of a driveway,

on a sidewalk,

within fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrant,

within twenty (20) feet of marked or unmarked crosswalks, within thirty (30) feet of a stop sign,

in opposition of flow of traffic.

E.            Parking, or storage of inoperable or abandoned vehicles, in the street or overflow parking lots shall not exceed 72 hours. “Abandoned or inoperable” shall apply to those vehicles which have not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of seventy-two (72) hours or longer.

Landscaping Maintenance

Keeping weeds abated and a well-trimmed lawn helps keep the HOA looking nice and attractive. If you are single family home, you are responsible for both the front and back yard to maintain. If you are a town home you are responsible to keep the backyard maintained from weeds and any bushes trimmed or grass mowed. Also please clean up after your pet in your back yard frequently. It does not take much pet waist for the smell to travel to your neighbors from the heat of the summer.

Irrigation Off

The pump to the HOA had to be shut down because the ditch that feeds the HOA was turned off for a maintenance Issue. As of today, May 23rd there is not an update when the ditch will be turned back on. Updates will be posted here.