Clubhouse Events

The Clubhouse has been adorned with holiday lights and a traditional Christmas Tree. This holiday season, consider decorating your home with lights and other holiday decorations for our 1st Annual Holiday Decoration contest. The HOA will choose the best decorations and post photos here on our community website.

Happy Holidays Brookwillow Village! Decorations will soon adorn the community clubhouse. Please consider bringing one ornament for the holiday tree, and enjoy cookies and refreshments as we decorate. We will be accepting food donations for those in our community in need this holiday season.

The 1st Annual Clubhouse Halloween Party was a huge success! The homeowner’s association is extremely grateful to Randy Abeyta of Rangolian Light and Sound for his light show and music! Please consider hiring Randy for your next celebration. Randy estimated that there were 150 community members and guests at the party. All enjoyed the music, dancing and finger lights! The spiced apple cider and rice crispy treats were a hit!

The homeowner’s association is hosting a Halloween laser light costume party at the Clubhouse on Orion Way from 6-10 PM on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023. All Brookwillow Village members and guests are welcome. Dress up in your favorite costume and bring your kiddos by for some good old fashioned trick or treating fun.

Please consider Rangolian Light and Sound and Randy Abeyta, for your event at the Brookwillow Village Clubhouse.