Board Newsletter

New equipment was installed in the clubhouse weight room, replacing broken machines and damaged weights. Brand new rubber coated hex hand weights ranging from 5-50 lbs. & a new Fitness Gear Olympic weight bench. The weight room was reorganized and cleaned as well. Management installed new security cameras in the weight room to ensure safety and security for all members and guests. Treadmills and stationary bikes were relocated to adjacent cardio rooms to create more space for resistance exercise.

A Brookwillow Village real estate contract that sold community property to Senergy Builders in October 2022 for the Brookwillow Village Condominiums project is currently under legal review by the law firm Dufford Waldeck. In August 2023, lawyers with the City of Grand Junction’s Planning Department raised questions about the sale with the new HOA Board when reviewing a zoning application filed by Senergy Builders.

The Clubhouse on Orion Way is an underutilized Brookwillow Village community asset. Your HOA Board is committed to upgrading this facility for the enjoyment of our entire community. In addition to the weight room & showers, there is a kitchen & concession area, meeting rooms & office space. Look forward to planned community activities, summer outdoor seating and retail use. Please consider reserving the Clubhouse for your family’s next event!

There are important budget considerations for the 2024 fiscal year that the Board will be discussing during this fall’s budget planning process, primarily reserve account funding. The Board will be reviewing two reserve studies completed in March 2021 by Global Solutions Partners for Townhouses and Common Elements. These will guide the Board’s decision making for next year’s assessments.

The Brookwillow Board will be reviewing parking in and around our community towards the development of a comprehensive parking plan. Parking in several areas of the community is extremely congested, additionally there are no dedicated parking spots in front of the Clubhouse. Lastly, with the completion of the Brookwillow Village Condominiums project our community stands to gain needed parking spots.

The Brookwillow Board places great importance on the safety and security of our community. Recently, new security lights and cameras were installed at the Clubhouse. A private security company makes nightly patrols around our community. Additionally, the Board will be considering the installation of perimeter fencing along Abas Drive and around portions of the Clubhouse. Further, installation of additional street lights in parts of our community where there are none would help ensure our community’s security. The Board encourages all homeowners and tenants to check that their front and rear patio lights are working properly and to report security issues to HOA Management.

Per Brookwillow Village homeowner’s association bylaws the Board is engaging a CPA firm in the Grand Valley to perform an audit of our community finances. A report of these findings when completed will be available for community members to review. Financial audits help ensure the integrity of our community’s financial health and governance.

Much of the community’s “NO PARKING” curb painting is fading away and in need of a touch up! Enforcing no parking in restricted areas starts with clearly visible curb painting and signage.

Landscape improvements to units that recently had their driveways repaired due to sinking and poor soil compaction.

The Brookwillow Village HOA has a tremendous responsibility to maintain streets owned by the association: Orion Way, Serenity Lane, Tammera Lane, Theresea Lane and Alexia, Pleasant, Serenity, Theresea Courts. Orion Way and Theresea Lane are the oldest in the community and clearly in very poor condition with deep cracks and areas that pool water deeply. The Board will be soliciting bids for needed street work and will consider both short-term and long-term approaches as a part of the capital planning process.

Thank you to the City of Grand Junction and Persigo staff who made repairs to four sinking manholes on Orion Way in front of the Clubhouse. The Brookwillow Village HOA and community greatly appreciates the work improving our community.