Clubhouse and Playground Updates

We have had some recent issues at the clubhouse and the playground between Brookwillow Loop and Theresea Lane. Both of these locations have been made a mess of, likely by unsupervised kids. We are getting these locations cleaned up, which is an extra expense to the association – that is – the homeowners in Brookwillow. The messes make these amenities unpleasant to use by others. Please be sure to supervise your children, and clean up after yourself and your kids when using the common areas of the HOA.

Clubhouse key cards: The key card database is being updated over the next few weeks. All cards where we can’t identify the cardholder, or cards listed under previous owners will be disabled this week. If your key card has stopped working, you can call or text during business hours and provide your name, email, unit address, and key card number, and we can provide a temporary PIN to get you immediate access to the clubhouse. Call or text Red Leaf at (970) 713-0340. Online key card registration can be submitted at any time, and we will activate your card as soon as possible afterward. A temporary PIN can be provided the same day (or the next business day). Click here for online key card registration.

Please call with any questions… Red Leaf HOA Management: (970) 713-0340

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