2023 Irrigation Season

Irrigation Water – General Overview & Service Protocol

The HOA is partnering with Bryce again with their irrigation-related services for the 2023 season. The system start-up has been scheduled to begin on Monday, April 17th, 2023, conditions permitting.

  • Spring start-up:   Monday, April 17, 2023 – Homeowners may start their systems on or after April 19th (see What to Expect).
  • Winterization:     October 2023 (TBD)


Important: Please inspect your valve to ensure it is in good condition and put it in the closed position prior to the above date. Homeowner system valves should remain closed while the HOA completes the spring start-up. Leaving your valve open during start-up can result in flooding, left open during winterization can impact clearing all water from the lines, increasing potential for system failure due to freezing. You may leave your valve partially open during the winter months with a friendly reminder to close your valves before water is turned on in April.

Townhome Owners: If you have irrigation lines in your back patio area that are connected to the HOA system, please contact Grand Mesa Management.


The initial flow of water in the spring often uncovers maintenance issues, including main line breaks, homeowner line breaks and shut-off valve malfunction. As irrigation line and system issues are reported, some repairs may delay availability and/or result in intermittent service as water is turned off at the main HOA valve. Please check for updates throughout the start-up period.

If the system is shut down for a homeowner repair, a “thank you” in advance for completing with expediency to ensure irrigation water is restored to the community as quickly as is possible.


Should you require irrigation water to be turned off for a repair, or to report an urgent water-related issue (such as a sprinkler stuck on and/or flooding), please refer to the following protocol:

  1. Call Bryce at (970) 840-8354 (urgent irrigation issues only). Please note this number is not a cell phone number and does not accept text messages. Additionally, while email is ideal for documentation purposes, when an irrigation emergency arises, please call Bryce.
  • If the water-related issue is not urgent, please contact Grand Mesa Management.
  • Upon discharge of water from the lines, the HOA or homeowner shall proceed with necessary repair, with resolution as quickly as possible. Upon completion of repair, please contact Grand Mesa Management with update confirming water can be turned back on.
  • Homeowners are urged to prioritize any irrigation repair that results in community water being turned off. If repair is anticipated to exceed beyond same day, please communicate anticipated delay details and estimated completion time/date.

It will always be our goal to minimize disruption to community irrigation water. Seasonal start-up can bring multiple outages, resulting in insufficient water to keep your landscape healthy. If you utilize HOA irrigation water for your lawn, you are encouraged to keep a garden hose and sprinkler on stand-by as community issues are resolved. We understand the frustration the water outages cause homeowners and commit to timely communication and facilitation of repairs.

Please note irrigation updates will be provided by posting on the website, Brookwillowvillagehoa.com, and via email. If we do not have your email info, and you wish to receive updates, please provide your address.

Grand Mesa Management|  (970) 216-2930 |  MYHOA-manager@outlook.com

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